Marriage Counselling Service & Marriage Officer Services

There is no guarantee that today’s marriages will not have problems. Due to the current lifestyles and the change in men and women’s roles, children, financial and economic pressures; it is becoming more difficult to make a marriage work. More and more couples are having problems within their marriage.

Ask yourself, “Who can you go to when you are looking for help to prevent a divorce?”

Many people will advise you that you should visit a marriage counsellor or therapist. However, the Pastor and the church should always be considered the best option, churches are institutions that emphasis on marriage values.

The number one difference between a licensed counsellor and Christian marriage counselings is that, a Pastor’s approach towards helping one save their marriage is from a holistic angle. A Pastor believes that marriage vows taken are forever, and for that reason a Pastor will take the approach of bringing couples closer together through God. Unlike a licensed counsellor whose focus will be more on the individual and treatment on an individual’s psychopathology and couples therapy.

Baby/Child Dedication

Baby dedication is a symbolic ceremony embraced by parents/guardians soon after the birth of a child.
The ceremony is proposed to be an open proclamation by the guardians that they will prepare their child in the Christian faith..

Funeral Services

Faith Open Door Ministries has a vital role for those that have departed and offer counsel for those that have lost. The service may take place at the church, funeral home or at the graveside in accordance with the relatives’ wishes.

“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies. John 11:25.